Proudly Crafted in Canada

All products that carry the Crafted in Canada logo are completely designed, engineered, and built at our manufacturing facility just outside of Toronto, Canada.

Sure, it might be easier to say "Made in Canada," or "Manufactured in Canada," but building speakers is an art. Everyone at Paradigm shares a passion for crafting speakers, and it's from this intense passion where Crafted in Canada was born.

State-Of-The-Art Canadian Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art facility gives us total control over the whole manufacturing process, from cabinet manufacturing and finishing, precision injection molding, to driver, crossover and voice coil assembly. We do all the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining of our production parts, prototyping elements and tooling. Finally, Persona is assembled with end-of-line testing that exceeds the audio industry’s tightest tolerances.

Hands-On Quality

This incredible manufacturing space, and the people who work here, have made Paradigm the premier large-scale driver manufacturer on the continent. And it is here that we still do hands-on design, and produce all the woofers and tweeters for Paradigm’s award-winning speaker systems.